Associated Programs

ServiceLearning-LogoBeyond the Books provides a fast start glimpse at a career choices for students. Instead of sitting with a textbook in a high school classroom, students are gaining ―”hands on” experience in business, industry, college and technical classes in Rapid City. Through these programs students obtain “hands on” career and technical education in such fields as health care, emergency response, wildlife management, auto tech, veterinary and numerous other job possibilities.

The Beyond the Books program takes students beyond the classroom and exists in each of the Rapid City public  high schools.

Cobbler2CobblerCobbler 2 Cobbler (C2C) is a mentoring program under the umbrella of Partnership Rapid City that matches freshmen with upperclassmen focusing on the transition from middle school to Central High School.   This is unlike any mentoring program in the region, or perhaps the nation, in that the adults train side by side with the students engaging and empowering the students as responsible mentors for their peers.  Cobbler 2 Cobbler is being looked upon as a successful model nationally and is being asked to share their success story all over the area.

jag logo Job’s for America’s Graduates (JAG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing dropouts among at-risk youth.  JAG has helped nearly 750,000 young people over 30 years stay in school through graduation, pursue post-secondary education and enter the careers with advancement opportunities.

Rapid City High School implemented the JAG program and encourages all students to enroll.

Teen Up helps teens and the community to team up.  We findTeen-Up-One-SM Passion and Prove Leadership by partnering with the community. Speak UP! Move UP! Teen UP!